23rd World Congress on Clinical Nutrition (WCCN)would be organised by Dr Magomedov Magomed, PhD, Makhashkala, Russia Nov 16-21,2019: Email: wccn2019@gmail.com, www.wccn2019.com

WCCN: (The WCCN series started at New Delhi in 1988(1st WCCN,Feb 11-14) and 1990 (2nd WCCN)organised by Dr S S Rastogi, Dr Rajiv Lochan, and Dr RB Singh.Subsequent world congresses were organised in Aomori city,Japan by Dr H Mori, in 1992(3rd WCCN), at Cochin,India in 1993(4th WCCN) by Dr J K Mukkadan, at Hangzhou, China in 1995(5th WCCN) by Dr Zhu Shoumin, at Banff, Canada in 1997(6th WCCN) by Dr T K Basu, at New Delhi, India in 1999(7th WCCN) by Dr DK Satsangi, Dr RB Singh and Dr SS Rastogi, at Phitsanulok, Thailand in 2000(8th WCCN) by Dr Buncha Ooraikul, in London, UK ,2002(9th WCCN) by Dr Heema Shukla, at Phuket,Thailand 2004(10th WCCN) by Dr Paiboon Tienboon and Dr Buncha Ooraikul, at Mumbai, India 2006(11th WCCN), by Dr S B Gupta and Dr SR Joshi, at Edmonton, Canada, 2007(12th WCCN),by Dr T K Basu and Dr S N Acharya, at Xalapa, Mexico, 2008(13th WCCN) by Dr Eryck Hernandez and Dr Lech Ozimek, at Kosice, Slovakia in 2009(14th WCCN) by Dr Daniel Pella, Dr R Ryber and Dr Jan Fedacko. 15th WCCN, El-Sokhna, Egypt Sept 19-22, 2010 by Prof Laila Hussain, 16th WCCN, Sept 11-14, 2011,New Delhi, by Dr AK Singh.
17th WCCN at Sofia, Bulgaria, Oct 24-26,2013, by Dr Krasimira Hristova.), 18th WCCN was held at Ratchathani, Thailand, Dec 2014, 19th WCCN was organized by Dr RG Singh, at Varanasi, India on Feb 11-13,2015 and 20th WCCN was organized by Dr Arunporn Itharat at Bankok, (Thailand). 21th World Congress on Clinical Nutrition (WCCN)was organise by Dr Telessy Istvan, PhD ,FICN, Budapest, Hungary Oct 6-8,2017:at Hotel Denubius Helia, www.wccn2017.com,
22nd WCCN was held at Ahamadabad, Nov 20-22,2018, by Dr Banshi Saboo, Hotel
Ahamadabad, India;www.wccn2018.com, 23rd WCCN would be held at Makhashkala, Russia, Nov 16-21,2019, www.wccn2019.com,



May be Banf, Toronto,  Vanquover in Canada, USA, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, USA , Europe  etc.
Expected delegates 300-600 including 100 foreigners. Sponsors; Trade exhibition by food and nutraceutical companies;20-30 booths. Adds  in the abstract book by local organizer.
We have mostly first day reception in the evening on cocktail with or without dinner, then 2-3 days meetings including plenary lectures-4,Symposia lectures 10-15,oral and poster presentations from the registrants. We expect about 500 delegates including about 300-400 registrants. The registration fee may be US$250-350 depending upon the place of meeting. Those who organize the congress are elected as president for the next years, and our meetings are organized  every one- two years. The liabilities are: To invite president and executive director of ICN as well as 1-2 more experts from North America and Western Europe as guest speakers providing them travel expenses, hotel room and meals by the congress. We also provide free hotel and registration to another 20-25 experts who supported our earlier conferences in various countries. Funds for expenses of the congress are arranged by having trade exhibition and publication of abstract book in which adds of drug companies are published to raise funds which is responsibility of the organizers. If there is loss after the congress, it is also responsibility of local organizers.                                                                                                                                     International College of Nutrition sponsors the Scientific Programme, helps in selection of speakers, and registration of delegates from various countries. ICN also helps in finding out sponsors from food industry and nutraceutical industry.
Opening of WCCN.
We would like to have executive meeting of the Int Coll of Nutrition on 1st day, in the evening after the congress at about 5.00PM for about one hour. Please be kind to arrange a room. We also need a VIP room, during the congress with about 20 seats, in which tea/cofee/water/areated water, should be available for faculty and ICN experts.(we can use this room for our meeting). ICN experts who have supported the congress should be given fellowship certificate of the ICN (FICN)..Please be kind to follow the guidelines of the ICN during opening of WCCN.
Opening of WCCN, President should sit next to Chief guest and Executive Director on other side of the Chief guest, then President of the congress and then other VIP on the other side. The savings from the WCCN are shared by the local organising society and ICN-India or ICN-Canada. The savings can also be used in creating award under ICN-India, in the name of the main organiser. After the WCCN, audited statement of accounts should be sent to ICN.
All organizers of WCCN are invited to publish the abstract book as Int J Clin Nutr, following the given format.
INT. COORDINATOR: Prof Dr RB Singh, MD,FICN,FICC,  rbs@tsimtsoum.net