INTERNATIONAL CHAPTER OF International College of Nutrition:
It is established by Finance Controller, Late Dr Tapan K Basu, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada.(Deceased 2020)
The life membership fee is US$300.00 + fellowship fee US$50.00.
Former Executive Director 2014-2017, Late Dr Lech Ozimek, PhD, FICN, (Deceased 2017)
Executive Director 2018-2023, Dr Raimar Loebenberg, PhD,FICN,(Canada), Email:
The Int. Vice President is Dr Lekh Raj Juneja (Japan), Email:
International Chapter of International College of Nutrition, USA, Dr Adrian Isaza, MD,FICN
International Journal of Clinical Nutrition,(Canada), Founder: Dr M Moshiri, MD, FICN


Finance Controller, ICN, India, Dr R B Singh, MD, FICN,
President, 2023           Dr Ghizal Fatima, PhD, FICN
Past President  2022,   Dr Narsingh Verma, MD,FICN, Lucknow, India
Past President, 2021    Dr Sergey Chibisov MD,FICN (Russia)
Int. Vice President       Dr Lekh Juneja, Ph D, FICN  (Japan))
Executive Director       Dr Raimar Loebenberg, PhD, FICN (Canada)
Vice President;             Dr  HS Buttar (Canada), Dr Toru Takahashi (Japan)
Secretary General;        Dr Nazah R Hadi, MD, FICN 2023-24
Secretaries: Dr MA Niaz, PhD, FICN; Dr Aminat Magamedova, PhD, FICN (Russia).
Officer on Special Duty. Dr J P Sharma, MD, FICN (Venue selection)
Directors: Dr SS Rastogi (USA), Dr AK Singh (India),  Dr Fabien De Meester (Belgium), Dr ML Garg (Australia), Dr AK De (India), Dr David Donaldson(UK), Dr UP Singh (India), Dr Surya Acharya (Canada), Dr H Mori (Japan), Dr J Sim (Canada), Dr MA Niaz (India), Dr S Kaur (Canada), Dr DW Wilson (UK), Dr Manohar Garg (Canada), Dr Toru Takahashi (Japan), Dr Telessy Istvan,PhD, FICN (Hungary), Dr Ekasit Onsaard (Thailand), Dr Arunporn Itharat (Thailand), Dr RK Srivastav (India), Dr Manushi Srivastav (India), Dr Krasimira Hristova (Bulgaria), Dr Daniel Pella (Slovakia), Dr Jan Fedacko (Slovakia), Dr RG Singh, MD,DM, FICN (India), Dr Laila Hussain (Egypt).Dr Kumar Kartikey (India).Dr Aminat MagamedovaPhD, FICN (Russia).Dr Adrian Isaza, MD, FICN (USA), Dr Germaine Cornelissen (USA)
UP Chapter of the International College of Nutrition: Dr Ghizal Fatima, PhD, FICN, Secretary, Email: