FOR HEALTH PROMOTION AND PREVENTION OF DISEASES. (Patients should consult their physician before taking this advise.

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What to Eat?

HEALTH FOODS FOR HEALTH AND PREVENTION OF DISEASES. (Patients should consult their physician before taking)

What to eat.?

1.Fruits, vegetables  and nuts (400g/day, 7-10g/Kg body weight) All nuts, Walnut is the best. Apples, guava, papaya, grapes, straw berries, tomato, orange,, black raisins, kiwi, musk melon, melon, berries;  Salads and vegetables; cucumbers. Vegetables; Carrots, green leafy, gourds, pumpkin, lady finger, brinjal, brocally, cabbage,

2. Whole grains (400g/Kg body weight); beans, grams, porridge, popcorn, millets.                              

3.Milk, yogurt =  7g/Kg body weight                                      

4. Oils, mustard oil is cost effective, canola oil is GM food, Olive+flex seed oil may be the best, 1g/Kg body weight.
5. Spices and herbs. Fenugreek, turmeric, coriander, cumin, black peper,
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When to Eat?

Protective food small breakfast, bigger lunch, smaller supper,  no dinner.


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Health Foods:
Flex seeds,
Green tea, black tea.
Spices and herbs.
Red wine

Cocoa Seeds
Flex Seed


Rich  in green tea, black tea, cocoa.


Modified my peramid. Do not eat foods given at the top and  follow food diversity in eating.

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