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Prof. Dr R B  Singh, MD,FICN,FICC
Tsim Tsoum Institute
ul. Golebia 2
31-007 Krakow





1.Editorials and Commentaries (1-3pages with 5-15 references);4-6 in each issue.
2.Cardiovascular  and Nutrition News.100-500 words on any area of nutrition.
3.Clinical Reviews.2-3 each issue;10-20pages (Mini reviews-10 pages,50 references) with not more than 100 references,10% references,> 2 years old for all the components of  IJCN.
4.Contributions from Future Cardiologists and Nutritionists (2-3 each issue); Experiences of the residents and PhD scholars, related to  nutrition, ;2-3 pages with 5 references.
5.Original Research Articles.5-10 articles each issue with 5-10 pages with references, not more than 50.
6.Brief Reports: Papers on cases , case reports with less scientific but acceptable methods.2pages,<10 references.
7.World Heart Forum/World Nutrition Forum : Letters to the editor on articles published in any indexed  journal of the world and any interesting brief report not exceeding one page. Criticism of the policy makers of each country especially western world because the whole world follows the west.- one page,5 references.
6.International College of Nutrition   Highlights: News from the members.
7.Pharma  and Food Health Forum: Injustice done with Food companies and Pharma companies doing unethical practices would be highlighted by impartial experts, preferably from experts of pharmaceutical and instrument manufacturing companies to give them voice for benefit of the people,s  health.
8.Calendar of Conferences.
1.Epidemiology  of  Food intakes, Nutrition and Prevention.2.Chronocardiology and Chronomics.3.Nutrition and Lifestyle in CVD.4.Nutrition in Clinical Medicine.5.Cardiovascular Sciences( Molecular Cardiology: biochemistry and biology and nutrition).6. Functional Food Security, Food Security 8.Pharmacotherapy. 9.Electrophysiology10.Echocardiography.11.Nuclear Cardiology.12.Pediatric Cardiology and Nutrition.13. Nutrition in pregnancy and infancy. 14.Geriatric Nutrition.14.Nutrition in CVD in women.15.Nutritional Rehabilitation and prehabilitation.16. Nutritional Intervention.17.Food and Health. Functional foods and Genetically Modified  foods.


IJCN is the journal of ICN and ICC and  would consider publication of manuscripts for its various sections, pertaining to Nutrition, health and disease as well as cardiovascular diseases.
Manuscripts should be addressed to Professor R B Singh,MD, FICN, FICC (Please send smaller files)
Editorial Policy:

The IJCN disapproves the submission of same article simultaneously to different journals for consideration as well as duplicate publication. Opinions expressed in the articles published in the IJCN, are those of the authors and not necessarily of the editor. Neither the editors, nor the publisher guarantees, warrants or endorses any product or service advertised in the journal. The accepted papers, would be edited, without altering the meaning to  improve clarity and sense. Every manuscript submitted to IJCN, would be scrutinized, by two or more refries before publication.

Guidelines for Manuscript Submission:

The manuscript should be prepared,in accordance with the uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals,compiled by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (N Engl J Med,1997,336:309-315.).
We need three complete sets of manuscripts, typed in double space,on one side of the page, throughout. The manuscript should be arranged in order;Covering letter,title page with authors and their affiliations, abstract structured, introduction, methods, results, discussion, acknowledgements, references, tables and legends to illustrations. Three sets of illustrations in three separate envelope, should be attached at the end.The pages of the manuscript should be numbered consequitively, beginning with the title page.It is important to submit an electronic version of manuscript,3.5 inch, diskette/CD, along
With the printed copies, to facilitate printing by the publisher.

Covering Letter.

All authors or corresponding author on behalf of all, should take the responsibility of signing the covering letter, indicating that all agree with the contents, and all have participated in the study or in the writing of manuscript and the article is entirely submitted to IJCN.
Copy Rights. Acceptance of the manuscript for publication in the ICN ,implies transfer of copyright to the publisher but authors can use the material elsewhere after giving full reference if IJCN..


A full list of references should be included at the end of the article.The references should conform to the Vancouver style and should be numbered,consecutively in the order,in which they first appear in the text.These should be given in parentheses(   ).References cited only in the tables should be numbered in accordance with a sequence established by the first identification in the text of a particular table or illustration.Personal communications, unpublished articles should not be cited as references,though these may be mentioned in the text in parentheses.Abstract should not be used as references unless,it is very important.

1.Articles in Journals. Authors surname followed by first and middle name initials,title of paper,name of journal,year of publication,volume,page number of beginning-and last page of the article.Include the names of all authors,if there are 5 or less.If six or more,the first 3 followed by et al. The title of the journal should be abbreviated according to the style, used in the Index Medicus. e.g  Singh RB,Cornelissen G,Weydahl A  et al. Circadian heart rate and blood pressure variability
Considered for research and patient care.Int J Cardiology 2003,87:9-28.
2.Articles in books.Authors,title,edition,publisher,city,year,pages.
eg.Singh RB, Rastogi SS.Nutritional Aspects of Hypertension. International College of Nutrition,Moradabad,India,1989,p-
3.Chapter in book. Authors, chapter title, book title, edition, editors, publishers, city, year, pages. e g
Otsuka K, Shobgo M, Kozo M et al. Chronomes,aging and disease. Ecological Destruction, Health and Development: Advancing Asian Paradigms. Furukawa H, Nishibuchi M, Kono Y, Kaida Y(eds),Kyoto University Press, Japan 2004,p367-394.


Editor in Chief: Dr  AK Singh,MS, MCh,FICN(India);Dr R B Singh,MD. FICN(India).Dr Tapan K Basu,PhD,FICN (Canada), Dr Fabien De Meester (Belgium)
Editors: Dr Shaw Watanabe,MD, FICN(Japan), Dr Damien Downing(UK),Dr G Cornelissen,PhD(USA),Dr Daniel Pella,MD(Slovakia),Dr Chi-Oon Kong,MD(Taiwan),Dr Brian Tomlinson,MD(Hong Kong)
Assistant Editors: Dr SN Acharya, PhD,FICN (Canada),,Dr Lekh R Juneja (Japan), Dr M Moshiri (Iran),Dr Manohar Garg (Australia), Dr Sukhinder Cheema (Canada), Dr Toru Takahashi (Japan), Dr SS Rastogi (India), Dr Jan Fedacko (Slovakia),
Consulting Editor, Dr Franz Halberg, MD,FICN(Hon),USA,
Managing Editors: Dr JP Sharma, PhD,FICN ; ,Dr R B Singh(Responsibility of contents)
Tsim Tsoum Institute
ul. Golebia 2
31-007 Krakow

Publication charges;US$200.00 or equal INR, per article up to 10 printed pages.
Information for the Advertisers:
Black and white US$250.00 full page,US$500.00 color ,per issue; For 4 issues in  2005,US$1000.00 and US$2000.00,respectively.